By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

With my experience as an entrepreneur, I have come to believe and appreciate that business should come first, then family second. 

I know this concept might be controversial for those that work normal jobs but the die-hard entrepreneurs in the house will understand that good things happen when you get your priorities straight.

Many of us while on board a flight with our kids will observe that when informing passengers on emergency procedures on airplanes, the flight attendants will always advise adult passengers travelling with kids to put on their oxygen masks first before they put on their kids and for sure this concept makes sense.

The family will always depend on the business to provide and take care of them. I think your family will be better off if your finances are in order first, so if you don’t take care of your business first, everyone could eventually be struggling for survival. As the Bible says, “if you don’t work, you don’t eat”. 

Many of us have made the mistake of missing great business deals because of family attention, like building a house for your family without first building a strong business brand, funds that would have been reinvested in business are used for family frivolities and family lifestyle. A lot of mistakes to mention.

Now I have explained a bit, I wish we can reflect and think of placing our priorities right, focusing on our business first, give it the necessary attention and grow it to an enviable height so that it can comfortably take care of our families and give them the kind of life they desire without struggles. Remember putting business first doesn’t stop us from loving our families.

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