Who I Am

Engr. Ndubuisi Chidomere MNSE is the founder and CEO of Pamtech Group, a proudly Nigerian conglomerate, founded in 2016 upon the principles of service to humanity through diversified interests and providing direct solutions to the emerging trends in the oil and gas, and automotive industries.

Before founding Pamtech Group, he served for over ten (10) years as the Technical Assistant to Imo State SDGs, where his energy, tactical and technical competence facilitated the implementation of over 1,000 health and education projects across the rural communities in Imo State.

As the CEO of Pamtech Group, Engr. Chidomere has demonstrated responsibility, integrity, and excellent leadership skills. Within six (6) years, the Pamtech Group has grown from 3 persons to a team of 200 individuals with industry competence that cuts across various segments of the automotive and energy industries. Beyond that, the establishment of Pamtech Autoland and the Modern Parts Plaza is evidence of his innovative and disruptive tendencies toward highly competitive industries.

Through the Pamtech Foundation, Engr. Chidomere has been mentoring and creating economic opportunities for small-scale businesses, indigent people and young adolescents in schools. 

Besides his passion for building innovative businesses, he enjoys playing table tennis, reading and journaling.

What I Talk About

The Billionaire Journey

The Billionaire Journey is borne out of my vision and resolves to be on Forbes Maganize Cover Page by 8th August 2029 as Africa’s Most Innovative Billionaire. 

It is also an accountable commitment to my age-long desire to build an ecosystem of innovative and successful entrepreneurs rich in mental capacity, financial capacity and leadership.


As with my usual thought patterns of prioritizing my business and scaling it to the peak of standards, I share unconventional business ideologies and strategies to help creative entrepreneurs and businesses forge long-term successes, increase customer base and maintain excellence in customer/client satisfaction.


At the heart of every venture is a desire to make money. Not just making it, but the need to protect and multiply the money made hence I talk about finance and strategies to help you make money decisions about investments and monetary insurance. 


No nation thrives without the leadership factor. It is a vital function that helps in direct resources for efficiency and goal achievement. I help You navigate through the concept of leadership in purpose fulfilment and overall life success.