Engr. Chidomere Ndubuisi

- Africa's most innovative billionaire 2029.


What I Talk About

The Billionaire Journey

The Billionaire Journey is borne out of my vision and resolve to be on Forbes Maganize Cover Page by 8th August 2029 as Africa’s Most Innovative Billionaire. 

It is also an accountable commitment to my age-long desire to build an ecosystem of innovative and successful entrepreneurs rich in mental capacity, financial capacity and leadership.


As with my usual thought patterns of prioritizing my business and scaling it to the peak of standards, I share unconventional business ideologies and strategies to help creative entrepreneurs and businesses forge long-term successes, increase customer base and maintain excellence in customer/client satisfaction.


At the heart of every venture is a desire to make money. Not just making it, but the need to protect and multiply the money made hence I talk about finance and strategies to help you make money decisions about investments and monetary insurance. 


No nation thrives without the leadership factor. It is a vital function that helps in direct resources for efficiency and goal achievement. I help You navigate through the concept of leadership in purpose fulfilment and overall life success.

Pamtech Biztips

From what works at Pamtech Group, I share our experiences, systems and secrets in a bid to help You succeed in business, team building and innovative entrepreneurship. 

Evolve in 30 Days

From the book “Evolve” by Charles Awuzie, I share my learnings and thoughts to help you navihate through life at it’s optimal standard. Join me as we EVOLVE!.

Ndubuisi Speaks.

Our Vision

My entire life with its lessons and experiences has prepared me wholesomely for this journey – one sold out to inspire my world, build my business dreams and become Africa’s Most Innovative Billionaire. 

As a budding entrepreneur and business leader, I have realized that in building a solid community, growing it, cherishing it and getting connected to other meaningful people to join you is a great way to win big.

The transformation era is here, hop on this chariot!

The Billionaire Journey is for everyone intentional

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