By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- February 13, 2023

This picture speaks a thousand words depending on your perspective. From my perspective, I will share an inspiring story that can transition you into a doer.

There was a man named Ndubuisi. He loved to think. He would spend hours upon hours lost in thought, dreaming up grand plans and imagining all the possibilities the world had to offer.

However, he soon realized that all his thinking was getting him nowhere. He was still in the same place, still dreaming, and still imagining, but nothing was happening.

One day, he met a Wiseman who told him, “ND, your thoughts are like seeds. They won’t grow unless you plant them in the soil of action.”

Then ND took the wise man’s words to heart and set out for an adventure of transitioning from a thinker to also a doer.

Along the way, Ndubuisi the adventurer learned a few important lessons which I will still share here.

ND realized that he needed to put his thinking cap alongside his working shoes and hand gloves of doings. He learned that it was time to turn his thoughts into actions.

He also learned that he needed to stop being afraid to take risks and step out of his comfort zone. He realized that the only way to succeed was to be a bit like the adventurous chicken, crossing the playground to get to the other side.

He discovered his purpose and let it be his guiding light. Having the understanding that he couldn’t hit the target if he didn’t have one.

Most importantly, he surrounded himself with doers and was inspired and motivated by their energy and enthusiasm. He was never short of a “pep” talk from his mentors.

He created a routine that helped him stay focused and on track. Just like a good workout routine, it will get easier with time.

And finally, as he adventured, He embraced failure and learned that it was just a stepping stone to success. He learned that the best way to become a doer was to just start doing and start swimming in the pool of actors.

This was how Ndubuisi went from being just a thinker to a doer, a dreamer to a doer, and a man of thought to a man of action. And he is living happily, achieving his goals, and making his dreams a reality.

It looks like a fairytale by moonlight abi, but let this be a lesson to all the ND’s out there. Don’t be content with just thinking, wishing, and imagining your plans and ideas.

Turn your thoughts into action and watch your dreams come to life.

Get out there and make it happen!

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