By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- October 7, 2022

Entrepreneurship in the smartest of terms is not a call to luxury nor titles, but a call to responsibility and business leadership.

Building and scaling a business sustainably is provoked by how well we explore and utilize the unseen capitals at our disposal in driving business growth and here a few of them:

Knowledge as a Human Capital.
The first product of any business is nothing else but the individual leading the business (the entrepreneur) hence it’s very important to first of all develop the internal product (YOU first) before creating a product for the global market.

Do not just gain mastery over your product, also gain mastery over yourself. Develop your mind, read books, learn from trusted experts in your field and improve YOU.

Network as a Social Capital.
Be a business leader who places PEOPLE over PROFITS. Be a business leader who leverages on the trust level of people to build a business that can be talked about by people they have served. Get to know more people within and outside your field. No man is an island.

Strength of Character as a Capital.
Build a business founded on peace, good name, systems and sustainability. Even when you follow a man, follow the essence and sustainability of that man over his dreams. Dreams may fade, character remains.

Build a business founded on love and ensure you don’t compromise. Treat your team members with respect and value, because they are your internal customers. If you want to sell any value, sell to your team members first. If they buy it, they run with that value statement hence growing the business.

Experience as a Capital.
To succeed in business, experience is a MUST HAVE. Business is not idea first, it’s experience first. Work for someone to gain experience, learn the politics of the business, learn the processes of the business before you launch. Gain knowledge from apprenticeship.

Vision as a Capital.
Where there is no vision, there are no systems. Possess the Vision Ability. Grow your vision base as much as you grow your client/prospect base. Be a CEO with a big vision higher than that of your team. If your vision is smaller than your team, they’ll be forced to leave You.

Get to Know Who the Boss is.
You see, the celebrated Pamtech today was born as a direct instruction from the Boss of the company – the Holy Spirit. Get to know who the Boss is. Fellowship and listen to Him. When you are led by the Holy Spirit, You lead by example. Understand that the Holy Spirit operates the best Business school, learn from Him always.

Get into God’s heart by getting into people’s heart for therein lies the treasures you’re looking for. Solve the problems of people, operate a business that’s beneficial to humanity. Educate people, help people become the better version of themselves.

All these and many more were ideas I shared to the community which have been very instrumental to the growth of Pamtech these 6 years of business.

Remember, it is easier to lead people than to manage them. Be the best version of yourself, the team will follow.

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