By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 1, 2023

Globally, there are 582 million entrepreneurs on Earth. We have an estimation of 334 million companies in the world, of which 90 percent are SMEs, and they provide 50 percent of the jobs worldwide, also contributing almost 50 percent of the world’s GDP.

Now, only 2 percent of these businesses started because of the unique gaps in the marketplace; 98% are under competition. I can tell you that Pamtech is among the 2 percent that started because of the unique gap in the market, and looking at our compass and guide in the market, you will see the 6As strategy we used, not just to thrive but to dominate in any business we venture into.

For us at Pamtech, we don’t compete; we dominate.

Let me open up our curtains to show you the compass we use to navigate out of any competitive business environment and dominate.




Looking at the compass, you will see our hexagonal logo, which has six pillars. I have carved out what we call the 6A strategy for it:

Arena, Asset, Advantage, Access, Activities, and Anointing.


A battleground where businesses compete for customers, revenue, and market share. Every business must recognize its battlefield. In any sports game, understanding the field of play is crucial. For us at Pamtech, we didn’t just aim to know the market; we sought to master it. When we were starting Pamtech, I did an apprenticeship to understand my ARENA, the dynamics, the players, and the rules of the marketplace.

• Know the market size,

• Know The key players in the industries,

• Know The customers and their behaviours.

Knowledge, they say, is power, but applied knowledge is super transformative and more powerful.


They say Rome was not built in a day, but most importantly, it was not built alone. It was built by people. Every successful business, regardless of its size, rests on the pillars of its team. Their expertise, creativity, adaptability, and commitment serve as a bedrock on which the business stands.

In Pamtech, our most valuable assets wear shoes and walk into our offices every day with their heads, hands, and hearts. They are team members doing teamwork that makes the dream work.

Most of our businesses are not thriving because we don’t have a team. What we have are employees, or workers. There is a big distinction between team members and employees.


In a saturated market, differentiation is key. They are the unique qualities you have over other businesses offering similar services that allow you to generate a higher sales volume and attract more customers. So, what is your unique advantage?

• What can your business be first at?

• What is the unique thing your business can offer?

• What can you brag about your business?

Focus on innovating your advantages and making them difficult for your competitors to copy; it will help you stay ahead, dominate, and keep your advantage intact.

For us at Pamtech, we tend to offer what others are not offering; we don’t do me-too-businesses. We focus on value addition so that our businesses can stand out in the crowded marketplace.


This is the gateway to engagement. Every customer, no matter where they are, deserves easy access to quality services. There are over 8 billion people on earth, about 1.5 billion in Africa, and about 230 million in Nigeria. How many of them have easy access to your products or services?

Making your business accessible determines the ease with which consumers engage with it. Have diverse channels of distribution – be it physical, online, through middlemen, or through franchises. Have the right tools to fix the obstacles or roadblocks that affect customers’ efficient access to your services.

Access is not about availability, but about consumers engaging with your business effortlessly, any time, any day, and anywhere without barriers.

At Pamtech, we leverage technology, distribution networks, and partnerships to ensure products and services are available to people who need them.


Activity without strategy is noise before failure. Let your activities have a touch of innovation. Innovative activities are the heartbeat of any successful enterprise, dictating the flow of value from business to customers.

Ask questions:

• Which activities are core to your value proposition?

• Are you integrating technology into your processes and operations?

• Do you regularly revisit, revise and refine your activities?

Activities are not just about being busy doing something; they are about doing it right, doing it better, and doing it differently.

At Pamtech, every process and every operation matter. It’s not about the activities we do, but how we do them. We have streamlined and automated our operations, adopting the latest technologies for creating and capturing value.


Beyond strategies and operations, lie a deeper force. The divine guidance and favour in our decisions, beliefs, and ventures, which translate into honest dealings, fair treatment of team members, and genuine value delivery to customers without compromise.

• What are the spiritual foundations that shape your decisions, actions and intentions?

The anointing adds a deeper layer of purpose and direction. It guides our business not just for profits, but also for purpose and positive impact.

These 6As aren’t isolated pillars; they are all interwoven with each other, affecting, influencing, and enhancing the others. Our assets shape our activities, our advantages influence our access, and our anointing dictates our arena’s understanding. The synergy is what makes Pamtech strong, not just to thrive in a competitive business environment but to dominate and impact lives in our environment.

Let these 6As remain a pillar that redefines your strategy not just for competition but for dominance and growth in business.

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