By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- November 29, 2022

Planning is winning just as breathing is living. It is planning that gives value to purpose because purpose is impotent without a plan. Having a plan of action will keep you positive and motivated, it will give your productivity a boost and help you achieve your goals. Many of us don’t really understand the importance of planning, for me, it is the cheapest way to avoid wastage. 

A plan provides step by step design approach to accomplish a set goal in a straightforward way. Many of us are not productive because we didn’t invest time in planning. One hour of planning leads to plenty hours of productivity. So we will have to change our perception about planning. Let’s make it simple. A basic plan should answer these three questions. 

WHERE AM I NOW? – It’s important to establish a baseline so you would know where you are currently, because without this information how will you know if you made any progress. So define where you are Now. 

WHERE DO I WANT TO GO? – It is also imperative we define our destination. What picture are we seeing? What will the future look like? What is the future we want to create? So let’s be creative, adventurous and daring about designing our future.

WHAT STEPS/STRATEGIES WILL I TAKE TO GET THERE? Defining How and When to actually reach our destination is very important. Write the goals and outline the specific activities to take in order to reach the destination. Having specific and measurable goals on what to accomplish, when to accomplish it, How to go about accomplishing it and who is going to be Responsible will extremely help for many positive things to occur in our lives. . When these three questions are answered, you will certainly be more motivated to push forward on whatever you are hoping to achieve. Every building that holds value must begin with a plan. Quality plans determines quality achievements. So let’s START Planning!

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