By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- July 25, 2023

In the harsh economic conditions of Nigeria, businesses that fail to consistently generate innovative solutions for market frictions may face the risk of closure. The days of relying on cheap and easily replicable ideas are gone. The Nigerian market is crowded with copycats and fierce competition, demanding businesses to stand out with unique and enduring ideas. The survival of your business in this season hinges on its ability to generate and deliver such novel solutions.

The Value of Rigorous Ideas:
Truly innovative ideas are not born out of convenience; they withstand the test of rigour, criticism, and scrutiny. When an idea is easily conceived, chances are it’s equally effortless for others to replicate. To thrive, businesses must aim higher – cultivating ideas that are robust and challenging for competitors to imitate.

The Role of the Questioners:
In my own journey with Pamtech, I’ve been fortunate to have a team that isn’t afraid to challenge my ideas. There are five team members in particular whose role I greatly appreciate. When I share a new idea with them, they bombard me with tough questions. Far from discouraging me, this constructive friction acts as a validation tool.

Embracing Constructive Criticism:
As a leader, it’s crucial to welcome criticism and difficult questions. Constructive criticism helps us assess whether an idea is flimsy and easily replicable or truly innovative and resilient. Having a team full of “Yes Men” can be dangerous for business. Applause for every idea, no matter how basic or underdeveloped, can lead to building a foundation on quicksand – one that won’t last long in the competitive market.

Cherishing the Idea Validators:
To foster innovation, cherish the questioners and idea validators within your team. Appreciate those who challenge you and make you think twice. Constructive friction sparks creativity and inspires the birth of truly groundbreaking ideas. Through this process, your business can develop innovative solutions that will set you apart and withstand the challenges of the Nigerian market.

In the competitive landscape of Nigeria’s business world, the ability to generate and deliver unique ideas is paramount to survival. Embrace the power of constructive friction within your team, where tough questions and constructive criticism fuel innovation. Nurturing a culture that values and appreciates idea validators is essential for creating resilient and enduring solutions. So, as a leader, welcome the challenge, think deeply, and build your business on the solid ground of innovative ideas that will propel you to success in the face of adversity.

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