By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- April 17, 2023

Recently, I had an enlightening phone conversation with Pastor Obi Chinedu that left me reflecting on how the teachings and principles of Jesus Christ have influenced our lives and businesses.

During our conversation, my Pastor reminded me of how people will share testimonies about the influence and impact of their loved ones during burial ceremonies. But this Easter season, why is it challenging to see the testimony of people about Jesus Christ in their lives?

For my testimony, Jesus’s teachings have become the cornerstone of Pamtech’s growth. We always intentionally say Oluwa is involved because His principles are involved. His life revealed that everything in life is designed to function by principles. And these timeless and unbiased principles respect nobody but work for everyone who applies them regardless of their background.

Jesus Christ’s principles of servant leadership taught me to put the needs of my team first, empowering them to grow and succeed, building a strong foundation with my management team just as he did with His apostles. He created a cohesive and effective workforce that is eternal.

His abundance mindset helped me to believe that opportunities and resources are meant to be shared. This mindset has translated into numerous initiatives that have contributed to our growth and innovation.

We are deeply committed to giving back to the community through philanthropy, supporting local businesses, sharing knowledge, resources, and opportunities that will empower and prosper others.

Inspired by Jesus’ clear vision and purpose, we have learned the importance of having a well-defined goal, allowing us to remain focused and not distracted in pursuing a meaningful impact.

Looking at His resilience and perseverance, we have gained the strength to navigate any obstacle in our path, knowing that challenges and setbacks are inevitable but can present an opportunity for growth.

Jesus Christ was able to adapt to changing circumstances throughout his ministry, which has been vital to Pamtech ability to thrive amidst challenges.

We have learned to be agile and responsive, adjusting our strategies and processes to remain resilient in unfavorable market conditions, customer demand, and tech advancements.

A whole lot more principles to be shared, but these ones continue to inspire us as we forge ahead in building a global business for our people and the community we serve.

What other biblical principles from the life of Jesus Christ have you applied in your life and business? Share with us.

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