By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- October 15, 2022

Dear CEO,

Have you identified the intrapreneurs in your business? Have you observed and rewarded those who take new ideas and turn them into profitable realities?

Successful businesses empower their intrapreneurs to effectively run with innovative ideas. They select a good intrapreneur team for a project and trust them to creatively bring the idea to life.

In our businesses, We should recognise that everyone has the ability to be creative, just that these creative talents most times are buried in people by their parents, teachers, environment or employers.

Now, it’s our duty to create an environment that encourages, natures and rewards creativity in our businesses.

When you create it, lower your status, Yes, so you don’t choke their creativity with your boss nature. Also don’t be seen always giving strong directives, instead, imagine you are simply one of the team members.

At Pamtech, we have committed, motivated and enthusiastic intrapreneurial people work together as a team on projects that excite them. We bring people from various disciplines and they bring different perspectives, energies and skills to the project.

We understand that if we don’t innovate with our intrapreneurs, our business will cease to exist as business disruption happens.

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