By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

The Power in Staying True to Our Goals and Potentials. 

There is no man God cannot transform, only if we can stay; 

true to our values,

true to our goals,

true to our principles,

true to our everyday choices,

true to our commitments,

true to our potentials,

true to our credibility and,

true to the trust we have in God.

Remembering my 19th Birthday celebration at the Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri, I am so thankful to God Almighty who has chosen to keep transforming me. They say one of the hardest arithmetics is to master counting your blessings. 

Remembering I couldn’t pay for my accommodation in PolyNek until Aniefuna Ugochukwu Jude freely squatted me in his corner and there I celebrated my birthday with bread from Jumbo Common Room. 

Now, the case is different because I didn’t let the circumstances and hardship around me get in the way of my imagination and creativity. 

I will not forget how God has helped me. 

Greatness is your portion this season, I pray that God will lift you all that are hungry for success. 
There is no one God can’t help. Get ready for the journey; the future we wish for is ours for the taking only if we work it out.

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