By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

Abstinence in the Modern World: How It Can Help You Succeed

I have always believed that the ultimate quality of life and happiness is determined by our courage, choices, sacrifices, discipline and overall attitude. 

Immediately after my Youth Service, I was busy looking for a job in Oil companies and banks but all to no avail. Most of my friends got jobs and I will wake up at night and cry in my then one-room apartment in the village. 

One day, I had the courage to look into the things and habits that were not helping me reach my goals. I made a hard choice and took responsibility for my future. 

I had a Covenant with God in 2007 that I won’t have sex until He blesses me with Work, Wealth and a Wife. That Covenant changed a lot in my life and redirected my focus and commitment to the most important things. 

It was among my greatest discoveries, I gained clarity on things and became purposeful of my goals, I began to receive a supply of ideas, insights, foresight, oversights and energies necessary to accomplish my goals. 

Luckily for me, God blessed me with a job and my wealth started building up again. A friend Uzoamaka Uta Chidomere came into my life during that process and helped me keep to the Covenant of No Sex till marriage. 

It wasn’t an easy sacrifice to stay off sex for two years and focus on work-work-work. Even while we work 24/7 at Concord Hotel then, my friends, Oguzie Emmanuel Okorie, Uche Ekwelem, Kelechi Nnochiri, and Churchill Onyekele would always encourage me, especially when I will wake up with my boxers messed up with sperm.

Earlier in 2009, I had a list of goals to be achieved with my friend Bebee as we fondly call her and all goals were achieved including to Wed on my birthday being Saturday, 8th August 2009 and do thanksgiving on her birthday Sunday, 9th August 2009. 

Lol, You really can imagine what happened on the night of 8th of August 2009, Your imagination is as good as mine. And today, the sex I sacrificed, I now have in abundance till….

For our youths, our graces are different, we underestimate the distractions our sex partners are bringing to our future, the habits we build around it that affects our revelations, focus and energies.

You see, we progress in life to the extent that we take responsibility for our actions. We can alter our lives by altering our habits and attitudes to life. You too can stick to your values, all it takes is a disciplined sense of responsibility. 

Our lives are governed by our actions, the policies we make, the goals we set and the responsibilities to be committed to it.

We have the ultimate power to say, this I am today, and this I will become tomorrow.

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