By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

How to Use Covenants and Sacrifices to Create the Life You Desire: My Story

Covenants and sacrifices have been one of my greatest tools in my life journey. Being able to give up something to get something even more valuable in the future. 

I have always believed that the things you sacrifice now you will have in abundance in the future, while the things you fail to sacrifice, you will have in scarcity in the future. Look back and think again. 

While growing up, I had a Covenant not to drive any car until I am able to buy my own car. If I don’t develop myself and work harder to buy a car, then I will live all my life not driving any car. 

It came with a huge sacrifice, even my family and friends had cars I could use to learn driving which wasn’t a bad idea. Most times, Daniel Ebere Chikaodinaka Oriaku and Okechukwu Iwunze will want to volunteer their Dad’s car to teach me but even when I wish to, I will subtly decline because of the Covenant. 

I was cajoled severely in my family especially after I graduated from the university that I can’t drive a car. But I ABSORBED those critics as energy to put in more work. 

I promised myself that I will learn to drive with my own car but, when the time matured for me to buy my car, I was faced with buying a need-based car or a luxury car. 

I disciplined myself to stick to a need-based-car, Instead of buying a luxury car, I got my first car “Golf 3” and later invested the remaining funds buying a Toyota Hiace bus for ITC transport franchise. That Hiace bus brought other investments that improved my passive income earnings. 

I was happy I learnt to drive with my Golf 3 and the experience was worth it. 

Today, the story is totally different. The irony now is, I was cajoled to learn driving but I focused, disciplined and developed myself that presently I don’t even drive myself in different cars. 

I have seen that success always stays with the most focused, disciplined, committed and consistent people. What You cannot take control over is a limitation to your dominion. I took control of my desires and now the testimonies can’t stop coming. 

What Covenant do you have in this journey?

What will you be willing to sacrifice or tradeoff for an abundance in the future?

Never give up on that Covenant or sacrifice, It will surely Pay Off.

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