By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

The Power of Choice in Transforming Your Future. 

My mum of blessed memory shared a story of how I baptised a nurse with my urine inside the labour room and you can guess what happened next. 

She also told me that I was breastfed for almost two years. Then, whenever she wants to make a challenging demand, she always re-emphasise that I sucked her breast for TWO YEARS! 

Really, my journey as a growing child wasn’t a normal one, rather it was filled with difficult times. My maternal grandmother would bury my legs inside the ground everyday to make them stand so I could walk. My grandma’s act humbled me and made me build a beautiful house for her in 2014. 

I was really a demanding child, I would constantly eat instead of walking and would always sleep instead of talking, but they said it was a miracle that I overcame all of it. 

Before the age of 5, I mistakenly drank a bottle of insecticide (Otapiapia) in place of multivitamin syrup. It was another miracle that I survived as the doctor proposed that I would die. 

I have always assured myself that if I could survive those early challenges then I am unstoppable, I am destined for something great and God will always see me through it all. 

I am eternally grateful to my beautiful Late Mother and Grandmother. They protected and showered me with so much love and contributed immensely to who I have become today. 

I believe in the law of conservation of mass science which postulates that “matter/energy can not be created nor destroyed, rather it could be transformed from one form to the other”. 

I believe our future is created already and can’t be destroyed but we will choose to transform either to become wealthy or become poor, because both are existing in the future. 

We choose to transform from an ordinary person to a Billionaire. Trust me, it is there in the future. No matter how small we are now, let’s work towards it and be hopeful

Don’t forget the days of your little beginning, count your blessings and name them one by one!

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