By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

From Fear to Fabulous: How to Turn Your Fears Into Fuel for Success

Sometime this year, I was scheduled to have a meeting with one of the Automobile heavyweights in Lagos, but within that week of the invitation, I had a dream of a plane crash. 

Ahaa, I was afraid, I prayed and declared that it was not my portion, but yet, the fear factor was real. I started experiencing fear about flying to Lagos for the important meeting. 

While getting my air ticket, I shared it with one of my team members and told her that fear is one of the single dangerous obstacles a person will face when starting to accomplish his goals/dreams in life. 

Owing to the fact that I was to go for an important engagement, the fear could have severely affected my mental productivity, leaving me to the whims of average thoughts. 

Truly, fear is an obstacle and I needed to conquer it. At the airport, I was caught between chasing my big dreams and staying safe playing local. In my thoughts, the fear was trying to brew self-sabotage, making me believe false evidence. 

But there also, the spirit reminded me of Nike’s slogan which says “JUST DO IT”. By the way, I didn’t call myself to this journey, God did and let His will be done. So I stayed on the positive side. 

Fortunately, I flew down to Lagos, entered the yellow buses, the kekes, the bikes, in fact, I explored all the means of road transportation in Lagos for the three weeks and flew back safely having achieved a lot.

You see, most times choosing to follow the path of safety will cost us plenty of opportunities that we never imagined. The payoff for avoiding risk is always smaller than what we might gain from taking the risk. 

Just as we have started the Billionaire Journey, the fear of insecurities, fear of exposure to some of my secrets, fear of what people will say and fear of “frienemies” would have made me not to embark on this journey. 

But then, I have learnt that fear causes inaction in times and circumstances where actions are very vital. It gives room to make wrong choices and brews negative emotions which ultimately drags us in the wrong direction. 

For the Billionaire Journey, considering the potential impact, I am prepared for it, I am ready even though it scares me, I will not fail to make it happen and make it work for others. 

Don’t ever let fear make you inactive again, or keep you ìn your familiar zones or stop you to take bigger challenges rather, trust God and move forward, let it motivate you because miracles occur after you face your fears.  

Journal your greatest fears in this journey, question them and take action to change them, don’t leave them in the dark else they will become scarier.

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