By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

Breaking the Limits via God and People Consciousness. 

As earlier proposed that we should have a journal for the billionaire journey, we will make a list of our dreams, goals and plans. Some of them that are isolated in the spiritual realm will have to hit the physical realm. We need to clearly understand what needs attention. 

It looks common and simple but it is one of the most complex riddles we need to solve with our tool. If we tell ourselves the truth, many of us don’t have it well-written and detailed. 

A few years back, I was assigned to present an implementation plan to a Big Boss, fortunately for me, I had a Mentor who advised me to capture the interest of the Big Boss in that plan so that it can be executed swiftly. I did that and the plan was excellently executed. 

I learnt something from that incident, any personal or business plan/goal/dream must have the interest of God and humanity in it. That is why I consistently say Oluwa is involved because His interest is always captured. 

On this journey, make sure you capture God’s interest while listing your dreams/goals/plans. Most times we are selfish to make our plan and vision only for our self-fulfilment and nothing more. That is why we place limitations on our abundance solely on ourselves. 

Let our plans for becoming a billionaire come from a genuine desire to delight God and humanity. Let us project serving people’s interests and well-being. 

Capturing these two interests will be a sure ticket to the success of our billionaire journey.

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