By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

Why Writing Down Your Dreams Can Help You Achieve Them. 

You see, Pen and paper are good tools to help us get in touch with ourselves and humanity. Yes, an excellent tool for communicating with our higher selves and divinity. Most times we don’t see ourselves clearly due to all the noise and distractions around us. 

There is so much going on, keeping track of important information and going through them after a while might be the game changer for us. 

According to Jim Rohn, “a life worth living is a life worth recording”. Every day, ideas come, and thoughts not written down might float away.

In this journey, our Journal will be an excellent and safe place to dream, where we explore who we are, what we want and where we want to be. 

And also, it will help us make note of our progress and see the evolution of our growth in becoming a Millionaire/Billionaire.

Leonardo da Vinci drew some incredible invention ideas in his journals. Like him, you can also use your journaling time to brainstorm or let your imagination run wild. Billionaires are not boxed up in thoughts, You shouldn’t be too. 

If you are around me, you will notice I keep a Journal and it’s a form of a sweet gift for my future self. There I put down the right words, the right actions which the future Billionaire will look back on and appreciate. 

Please note, Journaling is not for everybody, it’s for those that are ready for the journey, those that want to listen to themselves and their intuition, those willing to document pertinent information on their journey of becoming and those willing to use the tools.

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