By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

Getting in Touch With Your Inner Self: My Mirror Experience 

Spent 5 mins today after a cold shower getting in touch and looking at myself in the mirror, looking into my eyes and my soul telling myself the truth. 

Most times, we need to look at ourselves in the mirror, most problems begin with the person in the mirror and the solution also lies with the person in that mirror. 

You in the mirror that always fights change because pain is involved. Until the pain of not changing hits harder, you won’t opt for the right change.

You in the mirror that doesn’t take risks, always wants to play safe, always put up with a lazy attitude and not realizing that some energy is needed to win the game.

You in the mirror that doesn’t take control of your income and spending. You overspend on liabilities and don’t like spending on assets.

You in the mirror that spends more time complaining about life, giving excuses than thinking positively and confessing positively of how to do the work to win.

You in the mirror have the solution. Yes, you know why you exist, what your visions and goals are. You will behave well, observe well and apply the right knowledge to win beyond imagination. 

You in the mirror can manifest more than you think. You will search deep in your mind and start recreating things with your tongue. Desiring, Speaking and manifesting great things you want to achieve. 

Look at yourself in the mirror. Get in touch with your inner self, search deep, ask questions and listen quietly as your soul reveals great things about you.

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