By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

The Value of Energy: What Will It Be Worth in the Future?

I woke up this morning auditing my energy level, asking myself what am doing with this most valuable asset called Energy. 

I have studied some great men and discovered that their valuable asset is not money, neither their properties nor business because they can replace any of the above-mentioned. 

Energy is their most valuable asset, They manage their energy and not their time. Their energy here on earth is limited and that is why they will always pay a premium to buy as many valuable energies as possible. 

They trade this energy for their future earnings. They use them as seeds and plant them every single day. With this energy, they can think about the unthinkable and build the unimaginable.

We might ask, what is this energy? My science says it is the capacity or power of doing work. How they acquire and use all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy in doing work matters a lot. That distinguishes them and makes them great.

On this Billionaire Journey, We can determine where we will be in future if we can track how we use and guard our energy. By tracking it, we will identify and remove energy wasters around us.

Most times, we are very guilty of wasting the whole day absolutely doing nothing with our energy to change our future. How we use our energy today produces our tomorrow. So what are we producing?

We need to guard our energy, value it and understand the potential it holds for us in the future. What will be the value of your energy in future?

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