By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

How Focusing on Yourself Can Lead to a Successful Future. 

Do you remember how you spent your 16 hours yesterday? Out of these 16 hours spent on work, family and friends, did you set aside a period to focus on yourself? This is one of the most important questions nobody is asking themselves. 

Think about this, Obi is hungry and he has N16,000 daily but he usually uses the N16,000 to buy food for others every day without buying for himself, I guess you know what will happen to Obi. 

Most of us want to improve ourselves so we can be successful but not disciplined to focus and spend quality time with ourselves. 

You can’t know yourself or know where to improve if you don’t have clarity about your life. We are always busy seeking something outside of us to make us happy and fulfilled without knowing what we have inside of us that makes us whole and complete. 

I have always had KA (Knowledge Altar), or DVZ (Dedicated Value Zone) where I spend time after or before the day’s work meditating, studying, dreaming, thinking, expressing gratitude and feeling good about myself. 

You see this picture, this place and time is always a gift and a game changer for me. It usually puts me on the highest vibration and changes the way I see things. 

I set aside periods that afford me the time to clear my mind, read books, think out solutions for some problems, do my private stuff, enjoy beautiful music, be angry and deal with some habits, enjoy myself and be at peace with myself. 

I have observed that the world has become so busy and noisy especially when growing a big business. We have many things seeking our attention and most times it is difficult running away from human distractions. 

For the Billionaire Journey Club, I guess we will remember to add to our starter toolkit –  Setting aside time/periods for ourselves every day to focus on ourselves. 

All the things we do not know and do not fix about ourselves are reasons we are not where we want to be. There is sense in spending 30mins or 1hr every day focusing on ourselves for the next five years.

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