By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

My Vision – Africa’s Most Innovative Billionaire 2029. 

According to Forbes, there are 2,755 billionaires in this world, and in Nigeria, we technically have about 5 of them on the list. 

I have been dreaming and have always looked at those that have genuinely amassed this unimaginable wealth and wish to know how they did it.

For me, I want to know how their mind functions and how they were able to overcome challenges and obstacles that have held us down. 

I think, for our billionaire journey club, we will be critically examining these successful billionaires to know how they maintained self-discipline, know their principles and techniques about making money, keeping it and multiplying it to an unimaginable amount. 

I have started my journey with the first principle in Think and Grow Rich – DESIRE IT – which is the starting point of all achievement. 

This desire is something I am obsessed with and love so much. I have created a long-term goal, leveraging on my abundance mentality to dream big. 

You can see the big picture but I have also outlined the different pixels that would have been gathered on or before August 2029. 

You too can have your own desire or big picture, your long-term big dream. Let it be something you love and you will be obsessed with. 

How do we start? Our billionaire Journey club will be building an online and physical community that will deploy digital technology to our advantage to build high-growth industries. 

We will be building a great business network that will create unique services that bring abundant value to humanity. Even with consumable products, people will fall in love and not also forget real estate. 

We will identify/discover a need that hasn’t been met and think the unthinkable to find a different way of solving it and funding it. 

I have shared mine and I have taken a bold step into the unknown so you can hold me accountable. 

Think the unimaginable and create a long-term goal/dream, let it be unique, compelling and helpful to humanity. 

The club will factor out how we get it to serve millions of people.

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