By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- September 21, 2022

Get to Know Your Power Tools: The Unbelievable Strength Within Us

It was raining heavily and I got a call from a big client who had challenges with his luxury car and was stranded. With what he told me, I knew the solution and zoomed off to rescue him. I got to the place and started working on his car but was so frustrated because I didn’t have the requisite tools to fix the car. 

I summoned courage and called for a toolbox which came through and in less than five minutes, what frustrated me for over two hours was fixed by a simple tool. 

With that excitement, I woke up and realised it was a dream. Looked at my time and it was 4.55 am. I said a prayer and the Holy Spirit started mentoring me about the dream. 

I have always questioned why we have so much information and yet not achieve anything with it.

Why do we know how to become a millionaire and yet, 5 years later we are still broke.?

Why do we graduate from the university, have our degree and information in a particular field and still can’t solve a problem with it?

Why do we go to church, get so much information from our Pastors’ messages and still not achieve things with it?

Using myself as a case study, I know what I will do to have a flat tummy or six-pack but am still here with a big tummy, Quite ironic! 

It’s actually a big problem all of us are facing. If mere information was the answer, a lot of us would be very successful. 

The Holy Spirit reminded me that we are all created with a toolbox that will make us thrive and succeed but many of us don’t use the right tools in solving simple problems. 

The tools you have at your disposal merged with the right application of it is the constructive process to the top. 

Now, on my journey to becoming a billionaire, what tools do I need? 

What basic tools do I need to start solving the riddles on my path to greatness? 

What tools do I need to have a flat tummy? Lol.

I think we should look at ourselves and audit our toolbox, get to know how to use our Power Tools – the unbelievable strength within us, our intuition and guide, the growth mindset, the knowledge mystery, courage to make quick and right decisions, the love for yourself and others, turning off fear, anger and frustration. 

I am not used to writing long epistles, but I think we will need to talk about it and help ourselves discover our tools and remember, utilizing them will require the right skills and right practice.  
I am on a Journey. A journey to create more value-driven and profit-curating entrepreneurs and leaders across all sectors. You should join me!

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