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- March 7, 2023

Businesses that do the numbers across profits and impact are businesses consistent in values and team culture, and for us at Pamtech, we have very impactful values and cultures that help us do what we do.

One of those cultures is the Reading Culture, where we sit as a family, read a book, share our thoughts on the lessons from the paragraphs and develop ideas from it. Yesterday’s reading time was such a wonderful experience.

We’re reading the book, “12 Months to $1 Million” by Ryan Daniel Moran and a great lesson was picked from Chapter 2 which I’ll discuss here.

People who are rich and successful are people who develop a strategy that makes them rich, of which one of those strategies is the ability to be alone – to isolate away from the noise of the busy world and be able to create solutions and valuable products for human success.

As the driver of your business, your habits, culture, and morals must follow a certain level of discipline where you take care of yourself physically and mentally so that you can create value for others. Also, taking care of yourself means taking care of your team, your investors, your clients, your social media presence, and what the world perceives of your value.

Nothing in life is free. Everything happens at a place of pursuit, and only those who are willing to create their freedom can enjoy their future. You need serious discipline to be alone, and stay focused on your primary asset – the ability to think and grow rich.

Shun the work mode idea and move to the creative mode, for therein lies the next solution that can change your world.

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