By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 3, 2023

Everyday struggles are common for all people. There is no room for us humans to breathe when someone has a strict, stiff attitude and a serious demeanor. An upbeat, more elastic mindset enables us to meet our obstacles with inspiration and grace.

People who are self-actualizing are individuals who are living up to their full potential. You may recall that Maslow defined self-actualization as a basic, higher-level need that all people possess.

Maslow discovered that individuals who are self-actualizing exhibit more uninhibited behaviors, ideas, and impulses. Their actions seem to be normal. Our ability to reconnect with our genuine selves is hampered by rigidity and seriousness. Playfulness helps us reclaim our inherent spontaneity.

Don’t ignore the little things that make life easy. Sometimes, keep your title and ego aside and learn to play with your team members.

Everyone has access to what Maslow termed peak experiences, or what his colleague Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi refers to as flow.

The state of being in the flow is being in the zone. It is characterized by an intense concentration on or complete engrossment in what we are doing. At work, you’ve undoubtedly experienced flow. It’s an amazing sensation. Your entire resistance evaporates. Nothing draws your attention away. Your best work is produced.

However, the majority of business leaders and entrepreneurs claim that they don’t frequently enter into flow states. A playful mindset allows you to enjoy more moments of flow. Maslow discovered that self-actualizing persons experience these flow experiences more frequently than the normal person.

Try to engage your team in a mood of enjoyment and recreation rather than always acting serious and mean. Playing, joy, and laughter are good for your soul and the soul of your business. It’s good for your relationship with your team members as it replaces toxicity in your environment with fresh air.

Our business environment needs the play, love, joy, hugs, kindness, and laughter we can offer to lift others up. Our environment is changed by our actions. Don’t miss the priceless and timeless moments that matter a lot in our lives. Spend some time today to connect and play with your team.

Lighten up. Laugh more. Move your body more. Consciously lead yourself and your business toward the spirit of optimism, gratitude, and play. It will uplift those around you and free them to become a better version of themselves. Becoming more playful may be the most important change you make in your business (and personal life).

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