By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 25, 2023

I woke up with a dream this morning where I was in an exam hall using BODMAS to solve math problems. I was afraid that I had gone back to secondary school.

On second thought, I realized we are focusing on team building this week, and we can use this BODMAS concept to solve team-building challenges.

So the BODMAS formula to me this morning will be interpreted as;

B-Building the team first,

O-Optimizing team performance,

D-Division of work among team,

M-Multiplication of efforts,

A-Addition of new ideas and perspectives,

S-Subtraction of anything that is preventing the team from achieving success.

Building a team first is very important in business, some businesses are running without a team, just a group of people called employees showing up every day to handle a task. It becomes a team when you engage in team building activities, training, setting clear goals, and the team working together effectively to achieve more than they could on their selves.

Optimizing team performance through holding regular performance evaluations to assess and identify team strengths and also areas that need improvement. Need to encourage problem-solving in changing circumstances and challenges.

Division of work among the team (AKA division of labour) where larger tasks are broken down into smaller and specialized tasks that can be assigned to different members based on their skills and proficiency. Let each team member focus on what they do best.

Multiplication of efforts where there is an increase in specialized people working on a task, leading to faster and better results. So adding more team members or assigning multiple team members to work on specific tasks is very important.

Addition of new ideas and perspectives, team members having the ability to share their ideas and express their perspectives also. Also inviting external experts to provide inputs on what the team is working on. This brings innovative solutions to problems.

Subtraction of anything that will prevent the team from achieving success – Removing obstacles and difficulties that may be preventing the team from achieving great things. This can be done by removing team members who are not contributing effectively or removing processes and procedures that are not working.

I am excited about this concept, and I am going to share more details with my team members and see how we can incorporate it into our strategies for achieving our 2023 set goals.

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