By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 3, 2023

Your company’s success is dependent on your team members’ cooperation and their desire to support your vision and decisions. Purpose and human connections constitute the very heart of a business, but it’s hard work to create a purposeful human connection that unleashes human magic and makes a positive difference in the business.

Learn to connect and know what motivates each team member, and help them connect their motivation to the organization’s purpose.

Establish and foster a workplace that puts the community first. To ensure a strong personal connection between team members and the team’s clients, such as customers or members of other teams, one must create a community-first work environment. People who want to foster this environment must donate their time and abilities outside the scope of their paid positions in order to form connections and get to know others on a deeper level.

Community-first means regularly checking in with people outside of their regular responsibilities to see how they are doing, to find out where you can offer help, and to see where you can make improvements. In order to ensure that the team functions as a cohesive unit working toward a similar objective, team leaders must also provide a space for everyone to contribute ideas and offer support to one another.

Also, create psychological safety for everyone on the team. Psychological safety is essential in the workplace. It allows every team member to feel safe and empowered to ask questions, offer insight and opinions, and disagree without facing repercussions. I believe that when people feel seen and heard, every aspect of life is improved

We know that connected, motivated and engaged team inspires productivity and customers loyalty which increases values and profits.

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