By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- April 17, 2023

As I find myself on this incredible journey toward becoming a billionaire, there are some life-changing values I have discovered, those actionable insights that have transformed my dreams into reality.

From the very beginning of my journey, I knew that the key to becoming a billionaire was to embrace scarce values, those rare traits that differentiate and distinguishes us in a competitive business world.

No one becomes a billionaire alone. Having to raise and multiply money, I have focused on building a network of talented, creative, passionate, and purpose driven individuals, forming teams that will collaborate and innovate solutions for the world. This synergy is creating unique and valuable businesses that are standing out in market place.

Now, having the ability to connect with the world, my acceptance into the Forbes business council was intentional. Embracing the right platforms and establishing a strong presence is critical. This digital age has taught me that attention is a precious currency. Mastering, capturing and multiplying attention will help you reach and influence a broad audience.

Having to Provide solutions that matter and having values that focus on saving people time, energy, and money. The skill to create services that truly resonate with people’s needs, can build a loyal clientele base that will have a lasting impact.

If I am not influencing positive behaviours that change lives, then I am not a billionaire-in-the-making. There is a tremendous impact in leveraging resources and connections to shape behaviours and encourage positive changes in people’s lives, all to the Glory of God.

You see, every day, I strive to embody some scarce core values that benefit others. Which is having the ability to multiply money and attention while saving people time as I positively influence their behaviours. This path is usually challenging, but we can achieve great things with it.

My billionaire journey is not to amass wealth but to use wealth to make a lasting, positive impact on the world around me.

Focus on One Billion-Dollar skill at a time.

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