By admin

- March 31, 2023

Becoming a leader and being a leader are two different phases in our lives we must pay great attention to.

Before you become a leader, you will need to focus on growing yourself, improving your performance, and increasing your contribution to society,

But when you now become a leader, it shifts the focus from your personal growth and performance to nurturing and supporting the development, performance, and contribution of others.

When I was at MDGs, my focus was on my personal growth and success. I worked diligently, honing my skills, improving my performance, and significantly contributing to Imo state. Little did I know that a transformation was just around the corner.

When I started Pamtech with new responsibilities, I realized that my focus had changed and shifted to nurturing and supporting the growth of my team members. It wasn’t about my success anymore but the success seen through the glory of the Pamtech Team’s performance.

In fact, it became a mission to invest in the growth of the Pamtech Team, providing resources and opportunities for the team to excel. I will step out to take on new challenges and will encourage them to step out of their comfort zone while offering support along the way.

I lead by example, demonstrating good values, behaviours, and work ethics expected from my team members. I will always help each team member understand their vital role in achieving our big dream.

One thing I noticed I love doing is the celebration and accomplishments of the team members. I constantly appreciate their efforts, dedication, and contribution toward the growth of Pamtech.

It’s incredible how the Pamtech team has flourished under my leadership. As I reflect on this journey, I have come to understand that the true power of leadership; it’s not about the leader but about the people they lead and the positive contributions they make to society.

As I keep leading Pamtech, I will keep striving to let my energy energize those around me as they get brighter, bigger, and bolder. I will watch Pamtech Team soar to new heights.

Soon, you will see Pamtech Team park their exotic dream cars as we serve and celebrate together.

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