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- March 30, 2023

I have had the privilege of witnessing our growth from just three people to over 200 talented individuals.

A crucial factor in our growth has been our ability to attract and retain top talent. It’s the backbone of any thriving business

One thing that worked for me was having personal connections to find talented individuals who shared our values and vision.

Our first truck driver Anayo came highly recommended by Deacon Solomon and he bought the Pamtech vision. Anayo brought two (Papa K and Papa L) other excellent truck drivers. These three drivers have served with me for the past seven years; they have set good cultures and processes for the other 30 truck drivers they lead and have become an integral part of our growth and success.

I try to build a magnetic culture, having a workplace where team members feel appreciated, encouraged, and inspired. We encourage open communication and collaboration. We make sure our team members feel that strong sense of belonging.

Another thing we are doing differently is investing in our team’s personal and professional growth. In one of our meetings, Buchi testified how Pamtech has transformed his life from being a consumer into a producer, this transformation was achieved through regular training, mentorship, and skill enhancement. He has risen through the ranks and has become a Director and shareholder in Pamtech. He has set the pace for others. Here at Pamtech, we believe in the continuous development of our team members.

We don’t joke about recognizing and rewarding success; we have rituals like Monday Motivational Meeting, Pamtech TGIF, Pamtech Games, and Pamtech Hangout. We celebrate our team members’ achievements and contributions during these programs. We also have a robust reward system that includes bonuses, promotions, and awards to show our appreciation for our team’s hard work and dedication. This fosters loyalty and commitment to Pamtech Vision.

You see, finding the right people and retaining the top talent in any business is an art that involves creating a culture that attracts, supports, and nurtures talent. It’s the team’s effort and dedication that has been instrumental to Pamtech’s growth.

I believe that our team is our most valuable asset. When we Invest in their growth and well-being, we create a thriving business that will stand the test of time

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