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- March 29, 2023

In my previous biztip post, I shared the beginnings of my journey in building Pamtech into a global business.

When I started Pamtech with just three people, it was essential to have a clear vision, but a vision alone isn’t enough. I needed a solid foundation that could carry the weight of my ambitions.

I had to pass through a personal transformation to create a strong foundation for Pamtech – a foundation built on more than just our core values but a mindset reinforced by powerful elements.

I believed I would lead a global team, but before I could lead any team, I needed to lead myself. I first had to work on myself. I used the formulas for building high-rising foundations for my personal growth.

The first step was to excavate unnecessary thoughts, behaviors, and obstacles such as unbelief, fear, distraction, compromise, impatience, and indiscipline. These were the things that would hold me back from realizing my dreams.

Next, I filled my foundation with a mixture of essential elements, each I will share below, representing my key mindset:

Iron for Integrity: Just as iron provides strength and support to a structure, integrity is the backbone of my character and decision-making. I will act in honesty, transparency, and fairness, which has cultivated trust with my team member and customers. If you are close to me, you will see integrity in action.

Cement for Commitment: Cement binds the elements of a foundation together, So my commitment unifies my actions and intentions. There is this unwavering dedication to my vision, goals, and responsibility. I show up and work tirelessly to achieve our goals while maintaining a high level of motivation.

Concrete for Consistency: Concrete gives foundation stability, and consistency ensures that I remain focused and reliable in my endeavors. This has continuously maintained a routine and a good work habit for me that has contributed to my growth.

Block for Brilliance: Blocks create the structure’s shape, while brilliance guides knowledgeably to think creatively and challenge conventional business thinking. I read and explore new possibilities to shape and improve products and services. This sets me moving forward and apart from competitors.

Sand for Sacrifice: Sand fills gaps in a foundation, and sacrifice helps me overcome obstacles. I Make tough choices and prioritize my goals even when it requires my personal discomfort or temporary setbacks. I will always make decisions that are aligned with my long-term vision and goals.

Water for Willpower: Water is essential for mixing concrete, and willpower drives me to persevere through all the challenging times. That mental strength enables me to resist distractions, overcome temptations, and stay disciplined in the pursuit of my goals while I maintain my inspiration and push to achieve more.

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