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- March 29, 2023

Most times I am often asked about the story behind my unique petroleum distribution business, In this week’s biztip, I will want to share a bit of the journey with you – a journey that began with divine instruction and has led to the creation of a successful global brand.

It all started during a church service at Grace of God Mission Owerri in 2015, when God told me to venture into the Oil and Gas sector, and He specifically gave instruction that I meet Deacon Solomon for the apprenticeship.

The business that was on my mind was opening a Printing Press, but following God’s guidance, I met Deacon Solomon for the apprenticeship. Under his mentorship, I learned the intricacies of the petroleum industry.

However, I didn’t want to follow the crowd or do me too business. I studied the petroleum business trends in Imo state and assessed the gaps in the market.

During that period, We made some costly mistakes and failed at some things, which inspired me to create a unique solution that would set Pamtech apart.

In Owerri, people believed that the only thriving businesses were hotels, banks, and entertainment, but I was determined to prove this myth wrong.

I started small, working tirelessly with Deacon Solomon and Ozioma Megwa, who is now our General Manager, to design a unique petroleum distribution business that was unlike anything else in Imo state.

At the core of Pamtech’s victory is our commitment to creating value for our clients, team members, and the community.

Our business model is designed to fulfill the Ps for the People. Fulfill Passion, purpose, Peace, Progress and then Provide Prosperity for all. It is essential to commit services to the community while uplifting and enriching their lives.

The journey from idea to reality wasn’t without challenges, a lot were transformed and turned around. There were moments of doubts and uncertainties, which I will share later, but I remained steadfast in my faith in God and determination to discipline myself and my team to succeed.

I am convinced that success isn’t exclusive to one industry but with divine revelations, hard work, consistent focus, and dedication, any good business could flourish anywhere.

As I reflect on my journey this morning, I want to share some key takeaways that have been instrumental in my journey:

1. Always seek the spiritual direction of your business. In our case, we always say, “Oluwa is involved.” The spiritual realm indeed influences the physical, so it’s essential to be guided by it.

2. Heed instructions when directed. Being open and receptive to guidance can lead you down the right path.

3. Be open to seeing opportunities, and don’t be blinded by what works for others. Forge your own path and create something truly unique and valuable.

4. Embrace challenges and obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow. Please don’t run away from it. These experiences will ultimately shape your journey and help you evolve.

5. Continuously provide value and help others prosper. This not only benefits your clients and team members but also contributes to your own growth and prosperity.

6. Stay humble as you begin to grow. Success should not change your core values or the way you treat others.

Today, Pamtech has grown from a humble startup in my place of worship to becoming a global brand. You see, with the right mindset, divine guidance, commitment, and perseverance, anything is possible.

As you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, I encourage you to think with the Creator, trust your intuition, and explore unconventional paths. You might just find that success awaits you in the most unexpected places.

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