By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 2, 2023

Come closer and let me ask you something. Do you lead your team by example? Do you challenge, question, and change your ways of doing things? Do you demand more of yourself than you do of others?

If NO, you will have to rethink. Yes, Change and improve yourself first before you change anyone else. Lead yourself first before you try to lead your team.

Leading by example is a leadership style where you model the behavior you want to see in your team members. When you lead by example, you don’t just push team members towards excellence—rather, you actively demonstrate that excellence. 

The simplest way to lead by example is to lead from the front, instead of from the sidelines. By getting involved in your team’s initiatives, you are showing them that you value their work, understand their contribution, and appreciate their time. Getting involved doesn’t mean taking over the initiative—but rather, showing your team that you support their work. 

Leading involves more than just managing. A key component of effective leadership is inspiring and motivating your staff. Along with setting an example for others, put your team first and watch out for them at all times.

The most effective leaders allow for flexibility. Since everyone is aware that circumstances can change and even the best-laid plans occasionally fail, flexibility is a crucial leadership quality. In fact, 73% of knowledge workers think that if plans are flexible, businesses can be more adaptable to change. Plans may need to be adjusted from time to time, along with priorities and deadlines.

You see, to teach it, you will have to do it yourself. Action they say, speaks louder than words. Your team will do as they see you do and not as they hear you say.

An example is profound and powerful.

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