By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- February 13, 2023

Daniel Ifeanyichukwu Dannyluv made comment on my post that got me thinking.

He said “I always like to work with such leaders, who know how to turn the table around to see the solution from their team’s point of view. Turning the M upside-down W.. that’s just the difference.”

My post emphasis was on “there is no ME, there is only WE” trying to transform the business leader’s mindset to focus from “Me” to “We”

Having leaders recognize that success is not solely dependent on our efforts, but rather on the collective efforts of the entire team.

Now, thinking of a concept to turn the “ME” mentality into a “WE” mentality by just turning the M “up” – “side” – “down”. I Am playing abi? Oya Keep reading!

“UP” – Shift the entire team’s perspective upwards from an individualist approach to a more collective one. Let them look up and see the shared vision and common goal. Let them see a culture of unity and shared purpose. What is ‘up’ matters a lot to the team.

“SIDE” – Build strong team relationships beside one another. By the side, they value and support one another. Working together side by side to achieve a common goal. Besides one another, listen to their concerns and feedback then encourage open and honest communication.

“DOWN” – Humble yourself down and build trust among your team. Calm down and set processes, structures, and expectations for the team. Stay down to encourage collaboration and cooperation. When you are down, you will appreciate their contributions and share rewards.

This concept of shifting focus from “Me” to “We,” can open your business doors to a whole new level as you lead a team that is united, motivated, and driven to succeed

By embracing the three concepts of “Up,” “Side,” and “Down,” you can lead your business to greatness.

Please, if you can’t think and find a way to practice this concept, you have wasted your time reading this. I Love You. Cheers!!!.

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