By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 26, 2023

One of my goals this year is to build a high-performance team that will improve our results, though our new strategies are crazy and extremely challenging.

After evaluating our 2022 performance, I started asking myself questions on how best can we build superior teamwork that can succeed together and do life together.

Some of the questions going on in my mind include;

How good is our team now, does true teamwork prevail?

How do we ensure that the right people with the right talents are in the right positions?

How can we improve our skills and capabilities?

How do we unify the team, treat each other like family, and build a genuine community?

How do I make them lead themselves as we spend less time monitoring performance?

With these questions, we started implementing the concept of 5S I read in an article from a Japanese company that made their team stay organized and efficient and continuously improved their performance.

SORT – We started identifying and eliminating unnecessary tasks and procedures including team members that are not contributing to the team’s success. This has helped us to streamline the team efforts.

SET IN ORDER – We have organized the team’s tasks, procedures, and resources to the extent they are easy to access and use. This has improved team efficiency.

STANDARDIZED – We made sure the team is working towards a standardized goal and that everyone is on the same page.

SHINE – We are encouraging the team members to take pride in their work and maintain the excellent spirit and love in the workspace.

SUSTAIN – We will continuously monitor and improve the team’s performance and processes.

Implementing this 5S in this first month is already looking like a marathon and not a sprint. Some team members are feeling the heat and they are changing for good.

Have you noticed any improvement in the Pamtech Media Team? If yes! The 5S is at work.

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