By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 2, 2023

As a member of a team, rather than chasing a higher salary wage, look for good growth opportunities in your field to master. Yes, master new ways of doing things differently.

 Mastery does not require you to be perfect, but it does require you to pursue perfection.

This distinction is important because it allows you to enjoy the results you produce while adopting a mindset that requires you to pour your heart and soul into your work. Mastery in this context means being in the top 20% of a skill, not the top 1%, and although it might not seem like much, it has a significant impact.

To attain this mastery You have to be completely attentive to the process, stay committed to the acquisition of knowledge as well as the ascension to creativity.

Don’t focus on people’s perception of your skills that you begin to worry more about their views, be concerned about doing what matters most and the very best work you can deliver.

Please, when you deliver, don’t be caught up in the hype, analyse to know what works and double it down for more deliverables.

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