By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 20, 2023

You are a business leader and you always want your team members to serve you without you serving them first. I am sorry for you because you are about to lose that position.

It is written that “whoever wants to be great among you must become the servant of all”

I am so worried about some of our business leaders with too much pride and meanness over their team members, they take responsibility with so much arrogance and rascality. This behaviour creates a hostile and toxic work environment.

Being a business leader is not about being in charge, it’s about serving as a role model, and creating a good service culture that will produce a productive work environment and drive business success.

We become great leaders by being servant leaders and serving the needs of our team members, and our customers also.

When you serve your team, it improves engagement and increases job satisfaction. It opens up creativity and innovation which improves customer loyalty and satisfaction

So, Become that great leader by encouraging open communication and making sure you listen to your team members. Understand their challenges and concerns and pay attention to them. Always recognize and reward those who go above and beyond serving fellow team members and customers.

Why do we hardly believe that the success of any business is tied to the success and well-being of its team members.

Please, try and serve your team members today, be of good service to them and observe the difference.

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