By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 18, 2023

Yesterday, I made a post on my personal account on Facebook that skills are more important than grades, and some agreed while some argued. I feel our younger ones need to know the truth.

When I graduated, my certificate failed me as I couldn’t get a job with it but my computer skills and problem-solving skills saved me.

If I had not paid attention to developing my skills while in school and focused on grades, my frustration would have gone to another level.

I told my kids, I don’t care much about your grades in school, what is important to me is your ability to solve other students’ problems in school.

My son is doing 1,000 hours challenge in skill development and problem-solving. He puts one hour every day into learning skills and analyzing problems.

Our educational systems are facing lots of challenges from low funding to lack of resources. Having an outdated curriculum that doesn’t solve 2023 problems.

Our schools are more exam-oriented and they pay less attention to practical skills and hands-on learning which is affecting the quality of graduates they produce.

With our large population and large class size, we have a shortage of well-trained and qualified teachers which makes it difficult for students to get individual attention. This affects the overall quality of education one gets.

Now, having or developing a skill and specific abilities to identify, analyze and perform tasks that bring the solution to a problem is one important thing our youths should focus on.

While in school, get to practice to improve your knowledge and expertise in one field. Find businesses that are solving problems so you can improve your ability to identify and analyze problems.

Learn from the business experiences, knowing what works and what didn’t work, then learn from their mistakes.

Get to learn to work with others including difficult people and build strong relationships. Be a good listener and a good communicator.

Observe and learn from people who are greatly skilled in solving problems, so you can get valuable insight and tips.

Get online courses or programs in problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making, these are life-saving tools.

You see at Pamtech Group, we hire people with specific skills, knowledge, and experience that are much important to the job/task. We place the inexperienced ones on internships and train them.

I hope you will take the initiative today to improve your problem-solving skills and learn new things.

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