By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 17, 2023

Many of us have declared interest to join our kind of Money Ritual. I will love to introduce you to the cartel if only you are willing to make the needed sacrifices.

Before you will be enshrined into our cartel, you will need to go through the sacred sanctification process where you are freed from poverty and bad money habits.

You will need to be cleansed and purged from distractions and evil acts. You must be justified and declared valuable. Then be prepared and set apart for Oluwa’s special purpose.

Some of the sanctification processes include:

Raise an Altar (Mine is called Dedicated Value Zone -DVZ) where you spend one hour daily developing yourself and diversifying your abilities to progressively solve problems with different complexities. You need to conquer the war within to manifest a valuable and relevant life.

Be determined to be disconnected from poor habits, poor habits breed poverty and will never go on their own until you rise up against them. Look at those poor habits and declare war on them every morning. They have no power over you.

Resolve to keep the right people around you and relate with the right things. You must surround yourself with the cartel as they will influence the type of life you live.

The willpower to engage the power of tongue and thoughts. Poverty and wealth are in the power of thoughts and tongue. They are your weapon of war against bad money habits.

The strength to productively work at least 14 hours a day. If you work 8am to 5pm for your work or business, you will have to reverse and devote 5pm to 8am to work for yourself or on yourself. You need to increase your earning power.

You will need to maintain your daily walk with established principles, with fear and reverence for Oluwa. You must be fit to meet needs with potent solutions. The people around you must be touched by the value inside of you.

With this preliminary sanctification process, you will now gain approval to join the main cartel where the main secrets and money sacrifices are revealed to you.

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