By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 14, 2023

Earlier this week, a friend gave me a gist about someone who knew me 10 years ago and how surprised and shocked the person was while talking about me.

“How can ND that I know when he was driving Golf 3, now have this company and this kind of team, how can he be driven with big big cars now, ….in fact, he is into money rituals, he must belong somewhere, a strong cartel”

I smiled and said, “I know him. He is right in his assumptions. I do money rituals.” My friend became uncomfortable.

I told him that money rituals are those practices believed to bring financial prosperity and success, just that mine were on another level and with a different belief.

I started telling him about my money ritual activities;

I have a Spiritual Altar (HOT-Resources) with the Most Powerful Deity (Oluwa), a Spirit-filled Chief Priest (Obi Chinedu), and My Cartel and Ritual mates (Pamtech Group).

I do consultation with my spiritualist who specialized in money rituals. I perform monthly and yearly sacrifices that cost me something.

We have our ritual spaces, special days, and times for our meetings. Also Purification Meditations and Sacrificial hours for every cartel member.

I use certain materials (BB – Business Books) that are connected to wealth. And I use it to offer incantations and prayers to Oluwa that now reveals opportunities and opens doors for money.

I have an object that has spiritual powers (the Bible) and consistently takes instructions and is disciplined to practice them. The consequences of not practicing are very high.

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