By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 14, 2023

The second important choice I made was to start the journey of multiplying the small money I was getting in 2008.

I went broke after making my first N1 million in the university, only about 40 percent went into buying shares in Dangote, first bank and fidelity bank. I couldn’t give an account for the remaining.

I started making some financial plans with the mindset that creating wealth is not only about money and assets, but also creating a fulfilling life, achieving God’s purpose, and impacting my generation. So I was so determined.

Top on my strategy in 2008 was savings and Investments and it started with me. I saved my free time and invested in my personal education and self-development.

It helped me acquire new skills and knowledge that improved my productivity and earnings in the long run.

I had a basic understanding of money and finance which included budgeting, savings, investing, credit, interest, inflation, risk, and returns.

I started living below my income, not spending more than 60% of my income no matter the emotions around it. Then saved the rest 40% for investments.

Having a budget was a compulsory thing for me, and even now, sometimes I will ask my wife to pardon me for my budget habits and patterns as everything in the house runs on a budget.

Practicing the skill of delayed gratification was another choice, having to resist the temptation of taking immediate rewards in favour of long-term goals. So, instead of spending money on immediate wants, I invest in the future.

I considered freedom and financial stability more important than playing the high-status game of showing people that you are rich.

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