By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 12, 2023

During our prayer meeting yesterday at HOTR Owerri, Pastor Obi Chinedu said “carry your cross and your helpers will show up, make sure the cross is in God’s Will for your life”

This statement got my mind thinking about the task and burden ahead of me in 2023. Is the burden and task in God’s Will? Will I focus on the source that resources will be available? Will I focus on the Vision that will attract the provisions?

You see, as a business leader, when we are willing to carry our cross, willing to put in the hard work, and persevere through challenges, our team members will be more likely to offer more help and support.

When people see that you are truly invested in the task at hand, you are transparent and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal, they will automatically be drawn to you and be more willing to help out.

In 2023, we have to be determined in our efforts, our level of sacrifice, commitment, and discipline toward our goals must be an ACTIVE one for people to notice and offer support.

Be intentional to attract people that share your vision and burden, people that can provide valuable expertise, resources, and supports that will enable you to overcome obstacles and roadblocks along your way.

Jesus carried our cross which was in God’s Will to redeem us, and his helpers showed up along the way. For your helpers to show up, make sure the cross/burden/task/goal/business for this year is in alignment with God’s will.

Remember, one hand is too little to achieve greatness.

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