By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 12, 2023

Yesterday, I got two calls requesting the Pamtech Biztip and same yesterday Anyalewechi Precious requested it on his Facebook post.

I can start giving excuses because I was busy but I will share as a biztip what I have been doing these past two weeks.

I have been meeting with different units in Pamtech Group, thanking God, celebrating their achievements, throwing a few parties, and giving them gifts and bonuses. Thanking them for their hard work and commitment.

I have been reviewing our Financial Statement and our performance for 2022, and also conducting a SWOT analysis.

We have been reviewing and adjusting the budget for 2023, considering the economic challenges, we will be cutting costs, reallocating resources for optimal use, and investing in new areas that will solve unique problems in Nigeria.

We have been setting the sales and marketing target, revenue target, and growth target for 2023. You don’t want to see that, it’s crazy!

While preparing for the opportunities in 2023, we have been reviewing our product and service offerings, with a focus on our target market and impact on our community.

For 2023, It’s Owerri to the World. We will do crazy things this year. Wait for it.

Now you can share with us what you have been doing from the end of the year through the beginning of this new year.

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