By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 12, 2023

God only deals with small things that have the potential to grow, expand and impact lives for His glory. One challenge we have is not disciplining ourselves to follow the process.

I have not seen anything God did big without starting small.

God had over 10 billion people in mind to dominate the earth, but He started with Adam and then Eve.

-God had Israel in mind but he started with Abraham, then Isaac…

-God had Pamtech Group in mind to go global and impact the world but he started with 3 ordinary people.

– Jesus had his father’s business in mind to go global but He started with 12 ordinary men as disciples.

The bridge between the small things and great things is the PROCESS, which makes the difference.

Everything God created he put a growth Process in it, but we usually disregard the principles behind these processes.

Now for businessmen, Process improvement has been said to be the key to successful businesses for decades. “Do more with less” is a common mantra among great business leaders. They begin with a small step forward in the right direction.

You must start that small business with processes in place if you want to grow and impact your community.

Processes will help you clarify your goals and objectives, define what needs to be done, and also breaking down the big goal into smaller and manageable steps.

It helps to start small and gradually progress as you manage your risk to avoid costly mistakes, It allows you to learn and improve. You will lose opportunities for big things if you disregard small things.

It helps provide structure and direction, helping to keep you organized, focused, and on track for the task at hand.

With consistency in the processes, you build confidence and momentum to achieve greater outcomes/results.

Now is Thanksgiving season, Remember to thank God for the small things in your business. That small thing is meant for a miracle if you will create an action plan to magnify it. Beginning with the process of identifying any inefficiencies, creating a list of potential solutions to address the issues, and then implementing the action plan while you review and adjust.

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