By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 12, 2023

I was on the phone with a business friend who asked me how I was coping with leading the team in this difficult time. If I only tell him, “It’s God,” I might not have communicated effectively with him.

Rather, I started sharing some of the superpower skills God had equipped me with to lead my team.

One of those superpower skill is empathy, Most leaders with emphaty maintains and operates successful businesses in difficult and challenging times.

Leading with empathy doesn’t make me weak nor soft, vulnerable nor sympathetic, rather, it allows me to step into my team members’ and customers’ shoes and understand them better, get to feel their true needs and ascertain what it will take for them to succeed.

This superpower allows me to put my team first, listen to them, observe, gain insights and make informed decisions about the circumstances around the business.

It also creates that environment that allows my team members and customers to speak up with things that are bothering them and then trust will be built when solutions are provided for them.

Having this empathy and the ability to connect with my team members has been very essential. I can tell you that It has lead my team members to high level of creativity, productivity and loyalty.

This empathy and connection has been a priority in Pamtech Group irrespective of the challenges and difficulties we are facing, so it has improved engagement and retention of both our team members and customers. This means winning together for all of us.

After speaking with him, I advised him to audit his empathy and connection skills and get back to me with testimonies.

My brother, when you have 90% of your team members connected and supporting the business vision, then you don make am.

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