By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 11, 2023

Dear Leader,

I woke up this morning thinking about the growing challenges in the business sector and now very curious about how to rework my business to address some of these recurring challenges.

We have witnessed enough fluctuations and instabilities in the money markets, importation is a hard nut to crack now, and our population and needs are increasing on daily basis.

I have been thinking, all these graduates our universities are producing without a product to serve humanity, can’t we do something about them.

I’m thinking of getting a group of first-year students in Mechanical Engineering and, for the next five years, letting them research the production of brake pads for different car models. Let me keep the dream short.

I feel we should take time to revisit and acknowledge our challenges in our industry with our team. We need to start outlining and replacing our outdated business models with sustainable strategies that would bring extra value and profitability.

Many of us are reluctant to change and leaving our comfort zone to take risk on the unknown is very difficult, but I feel changes and challenges often present great opportunities.

Most of our problems or challenges still exist because we have not made solving them a high enough priority.

Imagine more businesses now engaging the youths in research and product development, then train them and provide resources to solve humanity needs.

So we don’t want universities to send us half-baked graduates but we will join the universities in baking the Best-Problem-Solving-Graduates.

It’s a worthwhile investment for the next decade – consumption to production. You get it!

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