By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 11, 2023

Dear Leader,

What do you do with team members that continually prove their worth every month?

And how do the salaries and bonuses of your team members reflect their unique contributions towards achieving the business goals?

You see, great leaders build trust and credibility with words and actions that are proven over time that they respect, value and honour people.

Now, It is month end again, believe me, all eyes are on you. Your team members are expecting their reward.

Please, kindly communicate with them if the business is not able to pay salaries at month end, and let them know what the management is doing about it. Trust and credibility are very important in team building.

At Pamtech, we always try to demonstrate generosity. Yes, no matter the circumstances, we don’t withhold welldeserved salaries, bonuses, promotions and praises because it builds trust while increasing their energy, engagement and performance.

We also understand that human nature expects something much more than money, so we make the work very interesting even though challenging. We try to make it fun and fulfilling for them.

We make sure we recognise and appreciate their efforts as it influences team attitude, competence and productivity.

Don’t ignore this biztip.

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