By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 11, 2023

Dear Leader,

Every woman has a Sweet Spot or G-Spot that you touch and miracles will begin to rain, likewise every team has its own G-spot.

If you want a happy, productive and fulfilled team, you need to learn how to gently touch the G-spot.

I know what is on your mind now, you are imagining how to browse through and touch it.

See, look around your business environment, what is the smell of your workplace, Is it stuffy? what is the tone like? what is your business culture like? Hope the environment doesn’t feel Dead.

Your team context which includes the goals, reward system, culture and environment must be excellent.

The composition of your team is very critical. Who and who are on your team? What are their personalities and core skills to get things done.

The team competence is very important. Having the right people to set goals and combining skills to solve difficult problems makes the difference.

Now, having the environment smell nice, with the composition of entire body looking good and having the competence to know where to touch makes your team shout “I’m ontop of the world, I’m a champion”


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