By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 11, 2023

Dear Leader,

One of our meeting days, I was so sure and excited about one idea and I presented it to the innovation team, but the conversation that followed was a very tough and difficult one.

It ended up modifying that idea from Minimum Viable Product for the company to Minimum Loveable Product for the customers. We created something that appealed to customers.

Why? This is because I have a system that gives them protection to speak out. Also having them know how important they are to me and the need to work together as a great team. I wouldn’t want to loose them neither will they want to loose me.

Are you ready to have tough conversations about those Ideas, Products, Processes, Policies with your team without intimidating them with the Boss mindset?

So, if you are not ready to have tough and difficult conversations with your team, then you are not ready to build a great company.

You should be afraid of the important conversations you are NOT having because there lies the secrets in your business.

Just remember you have different People with different Personalities and different Perspectives. Stay open to understand that they have good Points also.

Don’t mind me, I love “P” so much.

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