By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 11, 2023

Dear Leader,

Now you have your innovation team in place, your leadership now comes with high responsibilities and expectations.

Do you have the ability to inspire others, create cultures that will transform careers of your team members, increase your business fortune and impact the environment around you.

Now, you are asking how? Come closer let me tell you something!!!

Improve your leadership skills and build your credibility by listening to your team members and sharing relevant information. Always tell the truth.

You should understand that salaries and benefits alone will NOT inspire your team members to commit and dedicate their energy and imaginations to the company. You must clearly articulate the WHY and merge it with your teams individual goals.

When they adopt the meaningful WHY, give them control and responsibilities to achieve them. Always trying to take charge most times strips you of influence. Knowing you can’t control most things liberates you to think of what you can control and what you can influence.

Inspire your team to improve their thinking capacity and increase their level of intelligence to exceed that of the environment and competitors.

Then give the team resources and space they need, try to stay flexible at times to allow continual improvement among your team. Understand we are all human and vulnerable.

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