By Chidomere Ndubuisi

- January 8, 2023

Dear CEO,

Who is your BOSS? I guess it sounds funny because you think you are the ultimate boss as the CEO.

My dear, no matter how wealthy and influential you are, get to know who your boss is and always be in constant relationship with Him.

He is the most important person in your life journey, He knows more than you know about that business and your ultimate purpose in life.

So, who is He?

For me, My Ultimate Boss is the Holy Spirit.

Do you study Him to learn how best to connect and best time to meet Him to get the results you desire?

Do you know what your boss likes you to work on, do you adjust your work style accordingly?

Do you know His “dos and don’ts” preferences and act accordingly because they make sense to Him.

Do you know your boss’s priorities, mandate and main objectives? Do you make sure your actions support these missions?

Do you ask yourself questions about what your boss appreciates about you? How important are you towards your boss mission? And how does he describe you?

You see, who your boss is matters a lot. How you get along with your boss determines how those under you will get along with you. As he leads you, so you will lead others.

If he inspires, respects, listens to you, and relates to you in a unique manner, that is the way to treat others.

Today, I wish I could talk to you more about My Ultimate Boss because he is the central character in my life. He makes the most significant impact on my overall work performance, values, and achievements.

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